Walking Piece (2012)

Choreography: Matthias Sperling

Walking Piece presented as part of Big Dance Festival 2012 at Siobhan Davies Studios.

In this installation performance, a diverse group of performers come together to form a single-file loop that continuously circumnavigates the building, passing through a score of playful performative tasks along the way. Audience members are invited to view the work by moving along, around and among the performers’ circular route in their own time. Meeting points and shared journeys between performers and audience continually shift as you encounter each performer’s unique way of navigating the loop.



Square Dances (2011)

Choreography: Rosemary Lee

Square Dances  presented as Part of Dance Umbrella Festival 2011 in Gordon Square/ London.

Like migrating birds, the dancers surprise the audience and passers by their sudden appearance and intensity of performance and their equally fleeting dispersal. Just as the traces of history remain inherent to the squares themselves, the distilled and poetic quality of the dances imprint a lasting image on the spectators’ memory. Audiences chose to journey between the squares to see all four dances or enjoy a single one. Each distinctive event was accompanied by the resonant sound of live bells ranging from a single toll to a specially commissioned score by Terry Mann.




Crossroads (2011)

 Choreography: Luca Silvestrini (Protein Dance Company)

Crossroads was commisioned by Greenwich Dance and presented as part of the Greenwich and International Dance Festival (GIDF) in London at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

It was inspired by ideas, emotions and experiences of travelling, migration and identity. People aged 8 to 80 from many countries and backgrounds worked alongside five dancers from Protein and Luca Silvestrini to present two performances of dance and live music directed by composer Andy Pink.