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My studies enabled me to approach teaching dance in a more inclusive and democratic way providing opportunities to all people to experience it. I believe that dance can have a great positive impact on people’s lives, allowing a gradual transformation to occur for themselves and their communities. Dance may offer a potential for development of a collective consciousness that would arise empowering feelings to individuals.

I have an immerse curiosity and I can get highly inspired when working in dance context with people across all age groups and from diverse backgrounds including children through late adulthood, along with elderly and disabled people.

I have had experience in co-facilitating choreography laboratories and dance classes within various settings in London (Arts Lab in collaboration with Barbican Centre) and abroad (Spain). As a teacher I try to create an enjoyable experience for the dance participants, targeting their individual needs and expectations so they can improve to their best of ability. I encourage all the participants to work within a creative and supportive environment that supports their skills and allows opportunities for development.


Contemporary and Improvisation Classes for Adults:

Contemporary released based classes with improvisation elements that have emphasis on the somatic approach and body mind centring.  Classes are focused on the floor work, body alignment and connection when executing centre and travelling sequences and spatial awareness in order to generate refined qualities of movement. These classes enable the participants to develop technical aspects of dance while enjoying the process of dancing and moving intuitively in a holistic (body-mind) environment.


Contemporary-Creative Classes for Children and Teenagers:

These classes are based on exercises that offer a chance for creative movement maintaining soft yet rigorous ways of working with the body. Classes are designed to suit the various needs of children and teenagers according to the individual needs of the group, and the desired outcome of each session. Classes are often thematically based in order to generate fun activities thus allowing creative capacities of children to arise while improving in dance technique.


Choreography / Creative based Workshop:


Creative Choreographic workshops offer the opportunity to engage in creative dialogue with our bodies through movement. The elements of the workshops are based on tools I am using when creating work. These include use of voice, object, text, video, experiential anatomy of bodies in space, use of improvisation tasks-exercises that allowing personal and interpersonal spatial relationships to occur when moving. These creative workshops find a great application in a supportive environment that enables participants own voice and movement imagination to develop.


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Dance Choreographic/Music workshop in collaboration with Junk Orchestra

Venue: St Christopher’s mixed school Letchworth. 

Description: Dance workshop leader

I was a dance leader in one day combined dance/music workshop in collaboration with Junk Orchestra. I taught 30 students of year 7 group in St' Christopher's Eco School in Letchworth. Students worked with music and dance disciplines to create a choregraphic piece that has been performed as part of their Christmas Showcase event. In particular the students created a piece of choreography that has been directed and taught by me in collaboration with Junk Orchestra that provided the live music. The dance piece that has been devised consisted of scientific elements that students encounter in year 7 curriculum science course. As a teacher of dance and science modules I experimented with the idea of using particle theory to teach the movement of molecules and the students worked with elements of choreography presenting solo, duet and group dance works in live audience.

ArtWorks Project//Community Arts Participatory Laboratory in collaboration with Barbican Centre

Venue: Scylight Centre

Facilitator: Gerri Moriarty


As part of ArtWorks Project funded by Paul Hamlyn I had the opportunity to lead part of a creative lab. I facilitated a session to postgraduate students from Goldsmiths University, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

I created  series of logic games and structured improvised tasks that question the true relationship between authenticity and representation of human bodies in spaces. The purpose was for participants to feel engaged with the activities and develop a creative approach towards any possibilities arising. The idea of the lab workshop was initiated by my interest on the opposition between a restricted and free state of mind-body and the real experiences immerse from these conditions. What creative capacities can emerge through these opposite states? Can you still be creative in any case? The lab workshop provided also opportunities to incorporate creative tools with the use of the physical body.

Big Dance Festival London 2012            

Venue: Fircroft Primary School/Tooting Bec

I worked as a teaching assistant in the choreographic dance session of C'mon and Dance Community Project (led by Another Dance Company) in collaboration with students of Fircroft Primary School. This project was presented at Tooting Bec Park as part of the Big Dance Festival 2012, London.










One day dance workshop with Corali Dance Group

Venue: Community centre in Brixton

Dance leader in workshop based class with Corali Dance group (teenagers with dissabilities) that contributed to the research and development of their Matisse On My Mind Project presented at Morley College.



Anatum's LAByrinth - Creative Body Explorations

Venue: Anatum’s Abode Gallery Space

Facilitators: Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou & Lee Fukke


Creative Lab session was delivered for professional performance artists and those engaged in a creative practice with their bodies and interested in site specific work. It consisted of exploration on aspects of bodily and spatial awareness, coordination and relationship to other participants to encourage improvisation, action/interaction with the space and others.

Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou and Lee Fukke collaborated together to create this lab through which they shared their practices in contemporary dance and Systema Martial Arts respectively.


You Are Here/Movement based workshop with Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou

Venue: Small Hall, Kingsgate Community Centre

107 Kingsgate Road, NW6 2JH

 You are Here Project supported by Camden Arts Centre, Arts Council, Kingsgate Workshops,

Express yourself through the act of dance