Photos by Giulia Avino


Video by Rashed Khandker

Great dialogue between movement and media
— Audience Review-Elefeet Dance Festival 2016
A Physical Opera
— Audience Review- ImpFest Festival 2016
Guitar music was very well tied with the play, at times bombastic at times dreamy.
— Audience Review-Elefeet Dance Festival 2016
Interesting concept, beautiful movement. A very pleasant and gripping experience. I enjoyed the integrity and the depth of the dance
— Audience Review- Elefeet Dance Festival 2016
Enthralling, hypnotic, physically dynamic
— Audience Review-ImpFest Festival 2016


A story of the self and its double, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s play William Wilson, is told in this dance performance. A game in which different parts of human personality affect and direct the protagonists in the struggle of the self to recognise its diverse sides. During the act, two individuals play with their reflection, bridging the gap between the face and its reflection, between light and shade, between the one who is watching and the one who is being watched.

The immersive installation, designed by V.I.P.A., is used as an architectural metaphor, highlighting the very elements of space; the surface and the projection, to address that the boundaries and lines we have for long kept on drawing within ourselves of who we are and what we can do is a perception of the mind and a result of a reflection.



Performance; Ines Zinho Pinheiro, Bianca Ranieri and Giovana Chalkiopoulou

Choreography; Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou

Music composition; Adrian Corker (at M.O.T.U.S), Bertie Ellis Dean (at ELEFEET Dance Festival)

Set design; Kyveli Anastassiadi (V.I.P.A)-Viral Institute of Performing Architecture

Light Design; George Kladouris

Performed: M.O.T.U.S Performance Event, ELEFEET Dance FestivalImpFest Festival, Wandsworth Fringe Festival

Venues: Stour Space, Blue Elephant Theatre, Hornsey Arts Centre, Crypt Gallery