Photos by Rashed Khadker


Video by Kyveli Anastassiadi


Performance: Martina Tavella, Amelia Skin, Elzbieta Kowalik, Jessica Haener

Choreography: Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou

Venues: Tricycle Theatre (Part of You Are Here Project-Kilburn) and Limewharf (Part of London Science Festival)



Title; Symbiosis Piece

Symbiosis is the state of two different organisms living closely together for much or all of their lives. Following Margulis’s and Dorian's Sagan saying "Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking” this project researches the phenomena of symbiosis as a matter of life and death on living organisms. ‘SYMBIOSIS PIECE’ depicts relationships of man to man, man with his internal space (own nature) and man with his external space (environment) proposing an idea for collective and creative (co) habitation in spaces. Elements of cooperation, mutual dependence, exchange, mutual inspiration, communication, interaction and eventually addiction habits emerge and examined through this work.